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    The truth is out there

    Posted by nelsson on August 5, 2009

    Mulder and Scully were almost killed today by two evil twin sisters with superhuman strength and intelligence.

    Yes, The X-Files have captivated me once more. I have seen every episode of seasons 1-6 – seasons 7-9 I skipped for a large part though I have seen the very last episode (and the 2008 film ‘I Want To Believe’, which, it’s hard to admit, kinda sucked). The show is about unexplained phenomena, which is a euphemism for ALIENS WILL COLONIZE OUR PLANET.
    Oh yeah, and the government is covering it up. Interestingly, this could all be true (why is there no evidence? Because it’s being withheld!) but it most likely isn’t.
    The X-Files may be science-fiction, I mean, it is, but there are people who believe that extra-terrestrials are visiting our planet and that governments know about it. In fact, there are many conspiracy theories, ranging from ‘there are artificial structures on Mars!’, to ‘Obama is controlled by the Illuminati!’, to ‘human beings have been around for hundreds of millions of years!’. I used to believe some of these ideas. This one in particular seemed fairly likely to me  at one point. I don’t believe any of it now. But be sure to google some conspiracy theories. Seeing things from a different angle can be fun and even useful sometimes. Just watch out you don’t join a cult and kill yourself.

    Phil Plait aka the Bad Astronomer has debunked many claims made by proponents of these (oh hell, let’s just say it) ridiculous ideas. He’s a good writer and has a nice sense of humor.

    There’s just one story about extra-terrestrial life on earth that to my knowledge has not been debunked (yet): The Starchild Skull case. Maybe this time the truth is really way out there.


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